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KPVC supply and install stylish, high quality, long lasting, low maintenance PVC-U and PVC-UE roofline, rainwater, cladding and decking products to protect and enhance your home.

Products come in vibrant colours, from subtle shades and traditional colours to woodgrain effect enabling you to personalise the appearance of your home and match your existing doors and windows.

Range of services for your property

Extended guarantee

Roofline products are guaranteed not to crack, warp, discolour or blister in the sun and as a registered installer, you can avail of extended guarantees for your roofline products giving you peace of mind for up to an incredible 50 years.

This security and guarantee commitment is fully transferrable to new and subsequent owners to maximise the value of the money homeowners invest in improving their property.

All white products are automatically guaranteed for 20 years but this can be extended to 50 years when fascia and rainwater ranges are installed together and the work is registered by KPVC.

All colour products are guarantee for 10 years backed by the innovative Colormax® technology which provides ground breaking colour variety, colour matching and colourfastness.

All woodgrain products are available with a 10 year guarantee backed by Renolit market leading EXOFOL MX foil incorporating Solar Shield Technology (SST). SST offers built in sun protection which reduces heat absorption, thus maintaining product temperature and minimising expansion.

Product colour range

The products come in a wide range of different designs, sizes and colours including white, black, leather brown, wine red, rustic green, regal blue, pale gold, sable, storm grey, dark grey, caramel and woodgrain finishes including light oak, mahogany, rosewood, black ash and cream catering to the diverse preferences and applications in today’s market.


Waterbutt Installation

water butt With the increasing costs of domestic water, it makes sense to install waterbutts to capture rainwater for use in the garden, outdoor cleaning, etc. KPVC can install and connect to your existing system or help you design them into your new system. Combined with KPVC rainwater systems, it is a good step towards being environmentally friendly.



Product Environmental details

KPVC Lead Free recycling logoIso 14001 farbig mit Kontur

Products used by KPVC are 100% lead-free and have a low carbon footprint so you can be sure that you are choosing a range that is safe for you, your family and the environment.

Products are manufactured under ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System certification and contain an average recycled content of 9%, however some are produced with 85% recycled content such as the co-extruded rainwater system. The manufacturing company currently recycles 85% of PVC waste and is engaged in projects that will increase this to 98%.

For information on the environmental safety & benefits of PVC roofing, please watch the video on this page.

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KPVC are top class. They are efficient and don't complicate projects. They have carried out maintenance work at our business as well as fitting at my own house. I have recommended KPVC to many customers over the past 10 years and won't hesitate to do so in the future.

KPVC Recomended by Jack Crowley, Cork Builder Providers

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