KPVC window board

A window board is a board used in a window as a part of the ledge or frame.

window boards are not only an element of style, but also an efficient method of protecting the window ledge against humidity and impacts.

KPVC uses window boards that are strong, built to last and keep there  appearance under conditions of intensive use.

Benefits to your property

The benefits of PVC interior window boards include:

  • Durable product
  • Easy maintenance
  • Humidity resistance
  • Maintains shape and colour
  • No painting or staining required

Window board & accessories

A sample of the range includes:

Bullnose KPVC bullnose
Double ended Bullnose KPVC Dbl End Bullnose
Trim KPVC trim
Architrave KPVC architrave
Angles KPVC Rigid Angle


Click the window board brochure to view full list of styles available.

The products come in a wide range of different designs, sizes and colours including white, black, leather brown, wine red, rustic green, regal blue, pale gold, sable, storm grey, dark grey, caramel and woodgrain finishes including light oak, mahogany, rosewood, black ash and cream.colours and woodgrain finishes catering to the diverse preferences and applications in today’s market.


KPVC Lead Free

KPVC use 100% lead-free products which reduce discolouration while the PVC-U coating is stabilised for superior weatherability and UV resistance offering longer lifetime than other products available.

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