KPVC Interior Panelling

Interior panelling is a cost-effective and practical alternative to tiling and other conventional materials.

It provides a smooth, decorative, waterproof wall covering for new and existing interior walls in homes and commercial applications.

KPVC offer the Geo-panel® range of interior decorative panelling which provides property  owners and developers with a stylish, modern and convenient waterproof panelling system.

Benefits to your property

Interior panelling has many benefits to your property including:

  • Easy to maintain
  • 100% waterproof PVC core
  • Hygienic, wipe clean surface
  • Mould free
  • No grouting to discolour or leak
  • Excellent insulation and sound proofing
  • Decorative Designs

Interior panelling styles

The panels fit together with a waterproof tongue-and-groove joint without the need for grouting.

The unique width of the wide’ panels ensures that they can be installed in a shower unit quicker and easier than any other panelling or tile product on the market today. Both ranges come in a large range of stylish designs and colours:

Standard KPVC Standard Geo panel
Standard 2-Strip KPVC Standard Geopanel 2 Strip
Wide Panel KPVC Wide Geo panel


Panels come in standard 250mm (9.8 inch) wide panels (ideal for walls and ceilings) or wide 1 metre (3.3 ft) wide panels (ideal for bathroom walls and showers to instantly create a shower cubicle).

Panel thickness is 5mm (.02 inch) while heights are 200mm (.65 inch), 250mm (.82 inch) and 2.4m (7.8 ft). Panels come in lengths of 1m (3.2 ft), 2.7m (8.8 ft)and 4m (13.1 ft) depending on style.

The panelling system has a complete range of matching accessories including corners, joins, ends and mouldings.
Panel colours come in Black diamond stone, White diamond stone, Travertine diamond stone, Red diamond stone, White wood, Pergamon marble, Black marble, Light grey marble, Blue marble, Green marble, Beige marble, Grey marble, and Travertine marble depending on size:

KPVC Panel Colours

KPVC Gep Panel

Bathroom Panelling

The wide panel system is perfect for installation for wall cladding around showers and baths. Panels fit together with a waterproof tongue-and-groove joint to ensure quick and easy installation without the need for grouting.

KPVC Bathroom

Panels come with a complete range of finishing trims in white and silver to ensure a neat and professional installation.


Hygienic Wall Cladding

Where hygiene is a priority, KPVC can supply and install non-toxic hygienic Enviroclad cladding solutions for walls and ceiling. The product is impervious, can be thermoformed and integrated with Altro flooring and ceiling systems.

 KPVC kitchen

The cladding is smooth, low-maintenance, easily cleaned, impact resistant, chemical resistant, and conforms to EU hygiene legislation and fire ratings.

Standard sheets come in White, Cream, Blue, Green and Mid Grey. Decorative sheets come in a range of 30 colours.

Some of the applications include Food & Drink Production & Preparation, Chill Rooms, Control Rooms, Dairies, Hospitals, Leisure Centres and Pools, Laboratories, Pharmaceuticals and Veterinary.
KPVC Laboratory

Dimensions of the cladding depend on the application.



KPVC Lead Free

KPVC use 100% lead-free products which reduce discolouration while the PVC-U coating is stabilised for superior weatherability and UV resistance offering longer lifetime than other products available.

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