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KPVC Cork Decking

Decking is used to create an outdoor platform or terrace attached to a house or other building.

It serves as an affordable and aesthetically pleasing addition to a home and can be constructed as an independent, free-standing structure.

KPVC installs decking which is splinter-free, will not split and is resistant to insects.

Benefits to your property

The benefits of our decking material include:

  • Durable & high strength product
  • Easy maintenance
  • Waterproof and all weather
  • Warm feel & slip resistant
  • Maintains shape and colour
  • No painting or staining required
  • Low maintenance & long lasting

Available in a range of three beautiful colours

Chocolate Brown KPVC Cork Chocolate Brown Decking
Pebble Black KPVC Cork Pebble Black Decking
Slate Grey KPVC Cork Slate Grey Decking


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KPVC Covered by AXA Insurance KPVC Insured by Campion freefoaminstaller KPVC Safety Statement

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